MFK Tyumen v. MFK Berkut Grozny - Futsal Match Results 03/10/2019

The known Match Results for Game between MFK Tyumen v. MFK Berkut Grozny
and has been played within of the Superleague Season Period (Russia).
Scheduled Date for this Superleague Game was on 03/10/2019 at 16:00 o`clock.
Team MFK Tyumen was the Match winner in play against MFK Berkut Grozny with 6 - 2 (2 : 2) (4 : 0) .
This Futsal Match was a Game from Gamedays of the Superleague Season Period.
The Futsal Game between MFK Tyumen and MFK Berkut Grozny has been played and scored over full Time.
Futsal RussiaMFK Tyumen6 : 2
(2 : 2) (4 : 0)
MFK Berkut Grozny Futsal Russia

League or Tournament Round : Superleague
Matchday or Period: 4. Gameday
Country / Event : Futsal Russia Russia
Last Game Status : FT (finished, Scores full Time)
Futsal Match on : 03/10/2019 16:00
Scores changed : 03/10/2019 18:01
Liveticker : N/A
Results live : Matchresult final, FT
Game Details : currently no more other Details for this Futsal Match found
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MFK Tyumen and MFK Berkut Grozny played before this Futsal Match, on 03/10/2019 see Details:
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MFK Berkut Grozny : ---

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