Came Dosson v. Acqua - Sapone - Futsal Match Results 02/11/2019

The known Match Results for Game between Came Dosson v. Acqua - Sapone
and has been played within of the Serie A Season Period (Italy).
Scheduled Date for this Serie A Game was on 02/11/2019 at 18:30 o`clock.
Team Came Dosson was the Match winner in play against Acqua - Sapone with 4 - 2 .
This Futsal Match was a Game from Gamedays of the Serie A Season Period.
The Futsal Game between Came Dosson and Acqua - Sapone has been played and scored over full Time.
Futsal ItalyCame Dosson4 : 2
Acqua - Sapone Futsal Italy

League or Tournament Round : Serie A
Matchday or Period: 6. Gameday
Country / Event : Futsal Italy Italy
Last Game Status : FT (finished, Scores full Time)
Futsal Match on : 02/11/2019 18:30
Scores changed : 20/07/2020 12:18
Liveticker : N/A
Results live : Matchresult final, FT
Game Details : currently no more other Details for this Futsal Match found
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